Farm Everything is the brain child and passion of Brandon Gillingham. In 2017, he started experimenting with growing micro greens which has now turned into a full time farm. Abby Gillingham has been the face and voice since the beginning. We have a 1.75 acre farm located in south Finley right next to the Columbia River. We are tucked in with a couple of other farmers with a lot of goats, chickens, and cows. We come to farming firstly out of a concern for the environment and for social justice: from wanting to protect and take care of our earth, and to help all people have access to high quality, nutritious food. Farming also appeals to us because of its connection to food and eating. We know the power of sharing a meal has to build relationships and community, and believe that strong communities are a foundation that allows the individuals within them to flourish. We also personally value having access to the best, nutrient dense and fresh produce possible, and recognize the power that eating well has to make us happier, more productive people. Plus we love helping other people discover that eating food that is good for you is delicious! 


Brandon started farming in 2017 after receiving his Bachelors in Organizational Leadership. He comes from an entrepreneurial family and it was only natural for him to start his own venture. He has always been a lover of animals and farming was an easy thing for him to break into. Brandon started his career in the United States Army which he served in for four years before retiring due to medical reasons. Brandon's favorite thing about being a farmer is being outside and enjoying everything nature has to offer. 

Abby and Brandon are married and celebrated 8 years together in 2019. Abby grew up as a military brat so going with the flow is one of her greatest strengths. Abby is still in college part time studying Organizational Leadership as well. Abby has worked for many small businesses over her career but her love lies in educating and bettering the lives of those around her. Abby works part time on the farm focusing on marketing and connecting with the members of her community.



We grow a wide variety of micro greens and herbs. Our staple micro greens are sunflower shoots, pea shoots, corn shoots, radish, broccoli, wasabi, kohlrabi, red mustard, tat soi, and more! Our staple herbs are basil, cilantro, rosemary, parsley, thyme, lavender, sage, mexican tarragon, dill, and bay leaf. 


One of our favorite things that we grow is our edible flowers. Edible flowers are flowers that can be safely eaten and are frequently used as garnish on dishes and drinks. We grow marigolds, violas, nasturtiums, calendula, bachelor buttons, chamomile, apple blossoms, and borage. 


All of vegetable varieties we have chosen are ones that are high quality and difficult to find in the grocery store. One of our greatest passions is educating our community about the different kids of foods they can try. We grow eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, beets, carrots, squash, radish, turnips, lettuce greens, fennel, beans, chives, leeks, garlic, onion, strawberries, and watermelon. Check out our catalog below for more information! 


Cut flowers are new to us this year, and should be ready for the upcoming market season. We will have market bouquets. Keep a look out for updates!  


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